Welcome to Tryptefan. I'm Ben Davis, and this is a retrospective of my design work over the last few years. With over a decade of exploration in the field, from print to jQuery, I have distilled my approach down to one key element: Emotion. Good design communicates efficiently, but great design strikes an emotive chord in users, keeping them engaged and exploring.

I have a background in fine art, having studied art and drawn all my life, but I have also always wanted to make video games. Web design seemed like a natural fit for me: the elements of fine art and design combined with the user interaction of video games, and as it turns out, the same things that make a good video game also make a good website. As I worked, I discovered that a clean design and trendy typeface is not enough to keep users interested. I found that a design is successful when it affects a user on a fundamental level—when it evokes an emotional response. It’s my passion for creating interactive experiences that informs all of my design. Please take a look around the site, interact with it, and enjoy.

Ben Davis

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